My Telegram bot - TranslateIt!

Hi! I am working hard to improve my English, but I still have a great lack of words in my vocabulary, especially adjectives. I speak with different people in Telegram and have to struggle with this problem every day. That is why I decided to develop small Telegram bot that will allow me to make my language more expressive and learn some new words.

You can find this bot here.

I used translation engine provided by Yandex. This engine is not so nice, but this is free for use for applications with small amount of requests. For example, Google Translate API is paid for any requests count. I think that this is the main reason why there are no translation bots in Telegram.

TranslateIt! bot is completely written in Python, with python-telegram-bot library. It is well-documented and has a great amount of examples.

Creation of proper architecture was the main task during this bot development. I had to remember different stuff like StateMachines from the old times when I had been interested in Game Development. Creation of good designed, quick and scalable code is still a problem for me - that is why I am not a Software Developer :D

Now this bot is working and I see new users every day. On the one hand, it is excellent news, because it means that my bot is useful for the community. But on the other hand, I am very close to Translation API limitations and I will have to implement some kind of paid services to maintain this bot soon.

In two words - Try this and drop me a line! Any feedback will be appreciated.

Good Luck!

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