Hi! If you love Hack the Box like me you probably know that endless resets on the machines may be very annoying.

There is no more sad and unpleasant thing than to see that someone resets machine while you are trying to get root on it. In this case you should quickly navigate the HTB browser tab, open the Shoutbox and type something like “/cancel 391337” with your shaking hands - and it will completely distract you and crush your working stream.

That is why I developed a small script to automatically cancel resets. I did it about a half of year ago and now I believe it saved a lot of nerves for my close friends :D

So, why I am writing this post? This is the time to share my script with community!

You can find the latest version with this link. To use it you have to fill next fields in the script body:

  • machine - name of machine you don’t want to reset
  • server - server that you are using to connect to HTB lab
  • api_token - your personal HTB RESTful API token

You can get your API token watching for AJAX requests in the Shoutbox window.

Hope you will find this script useful! Good Luck!

The end