TL;DR: You can program your Baofeng BF-H7 with CHIRP using the settings for the Radioddity GA-510.



The ability to program the radio with a PC is a very important thing, especially for RF scanning and working through repeaters usually “protected” with CTSS/DCS. Of course, you could do it manually, but I know no one crazy enough to do it for all 69 channels :)

In July 2021 I have become a happy owner of the Baofeng BF-H7 handheld radio, a replacement for my previously “bricked” UV-5R.

Baofeng BF-H7

Looks nice, isn’t it? 10W output power, this is not a joke. Just imagine my frustration when I found that CHIRP software, which I previously used with UV-5R, and which is de facto standard for such devices has no support for BF-H7!

After some digging, I discovered this thread which says that there is no hope for BF-H7 support in the nearest future.

Some googling lead me to this video where I have managed to find the answer!

To program your BF-H7 with CHIRP you should use settings for the Radioddity GA-510.

It works perfectly fine and allows you to set channels and all necessary settings, except a start screen and other minor things.

I hope this post will save you time and help you to enjoy a new toy.


Good Luck!

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